Ubuntu 11.10 => HP LaserJet 1200 stopped working

After upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10, my HP LaserJet 1200 refuses to print properly any more. I sometimes get single pages of multi-page documents. I sometimes get “PCL XL error” pages. But usually nothing gets printed at all.

Trying the latest version of HPLIP. The Ubuntu repositories have version 3.11.7. The HP website has version 3.11.12

  1. removed old version of hplip with Synaptic.
  2. downloaded installer from hp.
  3. followed all instructions without incident.

Initially I was back in the same mess as before. However, by repeatedly playing around with deleting the printer connection (System Settings > Printing), adding a new printer connection (System Settings > Printing), and plugging in and out the printer from the USB, and switching it on and off to clear the flashing green light, I managed to get it to work. The problem seems to be that the when the printer gets plugged into the USB, it is recognised automatically, but somehow the connection is incorrectly configured. Now prints just fine from LibreOffice Writer and Evince pdf viewer.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether it was the newer hplip version, or the delete/add new printer connection that fixed it.

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