Not Arnold Schoenberg

Nine small ladies with no clothes on, balancing an enormous man with lots of clothes on and his concert grand on their heads… The entire time I was at UCLA I was under the misapprehension that this was supposed to be Arnold Schoenberg, for no better reason than that the UCLA version of the sculpture stands outside Schoenberg Hall. It never seemed very appropriate. Seeing a larger version of the same thing at the NE corner of Central Park, labeled “Duke Ellington”, I thought that this must be an act of self-plagiarism by a sculptor pressed to complete his commissions – knock off another Schoenberg, give him a moustache, call it “Duke Ellington”, and no one need ever know. Weird, but not nine-naked-dwarfettes-holding-a-piano-on-their-heads-weird. But no. I’m now forced to the conclusion that it is Duke Ellington at UCLA too.

Duke Ellington

Nine "muses" effortlessly support Duke Ellington and his piano

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