Ubuntu 12.04 dual boot with Windows 7 on HP EliteBook 8560w

This wasn’t straightforward. It is now working, but nowhere near “out of the box”.

  • The Windows installer (wubi.exe) didn’t work – it just crashed.
  • The installation from CD got stuck – froze on the “copying files” screen.
  • Followed the nomodeset workaround. This allowed the installation to complete.
  • Windows installation on the HP EliteBook had already used up 4 disk partitions. This does not leave a partition free to install Ubuntu. So I deleted the HP “recovery” partition and resized the main windows partition using “disk management” utility in Windows. Other users have recommended deleting the “HP Tools” partition instead. No idea what the consequences of these choices might be.
  • Installation successful. GRUB looks normal. Could boot to Windows, but could only boot to Ubuntu in safe (“recovery”) mode. Booting to Ubuntu in normal mode produced a screen of junk pixels and a freeze every time.
  • Installed recommended Nvidia drivers while in recovery mode, following automatic dialog prompt.
  • Everything seems to be fine.


See also: http://beradrian.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/install-ubuntu-12-on-8560w/

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